The VPN one of the most important options this dates especially after

The coronavirus (Covid_19) this option will enable your employees to Work from home on your local business application & local servers

With secure connection that will help you to control & protect your Important data & information’s even if your employees are working from home.


This option will allow you to offer backup connection for your main internet line in case your main line is

Down it will move all your work on the other line without any effect on your work

Then it will help you to increase applications speed by smart way that can chose the best internet line to

Improve the applications or service quality Like (VOIP, Video Conference, Email) services.

Network Protection

Protect your network devices from hackers’ viruses & malware’s.

Bandwidth Management

One of the common issues at the most of companies they asking for tool that can help them to

Control the internet bandwidth to save it for to important business use after you get your UTM Box

You can add mutable policies for the internet use depend on the business needs also you can add quota for each employee inside your organization.  

Web Control

Web filtering & application control functions it will help you to allow specific websites & some specific  

 Applications depend on business needs.

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