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C Selection is offering integrated solutions.

Every solution we deliver is a combination of good solutions from our partners mixed with our experience & industry best practices in services.

C Selection is your choice to get the best of your technology investment.

Our solutions are reliable, simple, and secure.

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Network & IP Systems

Unlock the potential of seamless connectivity with our networking services. We design, implement, and manage robust network infrastructures tailored to your needs, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability. Elevate your business with cutting-edge networking solutions from C-Selection Technologies.

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensic

At C-Selection Technologies, we provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and digital forensic services. Our cybersecurity experts fortify your organization against threats, ensuring data integrity and business continuity. In the event of a security breach, our digital forensic specialists conduct rigorous investigations to uncover the truth. Trust us to protect and restore your digital world

Managed IT Service

Elevate your business operations with our Managed IT Services. Our team of experts takes the reins of your technology, ensuring smooth operations, proactive maintenance, and 24/7 support. Focus on your core business while we handle your IT needs. Experience hassle-free IT management with C-Selection Technologies.


Unlock the power of the cloud with C-Selection Technologies. Our cloud solutions offer seamless scalability, security, and accessibility for your business. Whether it's cloud migration, data storage, or application hosting, we ensure a reliable and flexible cloud infrastructure to drive your success." You can adjust this description to align with your specific cloud services and the tone of your website.


Network & IP Systems

Installation | Troubleshooting | 8×5 Next-Business-Day Support | 24×7 Support

Installation | Troubleshooting | 8×5 Next-Business-Day Support | 24×7 Support

Installation | Configuration | Troubleshooting | 8×5 Next-Business-Day Support | 24×7 Support

Installation | Configuration | Troubleshooting | 8×5 Next-Business-Day Support | 24×7 Support

Cyber Security

Security risk assessments are fundamental to the security
of any organization. Security in any system should be
commensurate with its risks. However, the process to
determine if your security controls are appropriate and
effective can be quite complex and time consuming.

A penetration test is controlled and managed simulation of an
actual system intrusion. It gives you a realistic experience of an
attempted break in whether from an outside intruder or from
your employee or business partner. During an InfoSec Partners
penetration test, your security mechanisms as well as your
intrusion detection and response capabilities are put to the test
against a skilled attacker.

Some organizations deploy multiple web applications, ranging from external
facing corporate
websites, customer portals, shopping carts, and login pages to internal facing HR portals. Accessible
from any location, web applications today are an easy target for hackers, who can exploit
vulnerabilities in these business critical applications and gain access to backend corporate databases.


Managed IT Srvices

Our dedicated team of professionals is available to provide you
with the optimum solution design.& Consultation services: We
offer (onsite or remote).
Services include, but are not limited to:
Advanced network infrastructure analysis
Security policy consultation
Hardware & software product recommendations

If you are looking for an IT system integrator company that
acts as a true partner to your business, you’ve come to the
right place. We view your continued success as our own
success and our experts are dedicated to providing the very
best in reliable technology service and support. From
network routing ,stitching server`s ,storage virtualization to
cloud ,implementation & migration services,

Let C
Selection handle your IT environment needs and
also serve your organization, we provide IT support
contracts to SMBs & enterprises depending on your
business need with fixable & customized contracts to
deliver the suitable services at reasonable prices.

Our IT outsourcing services give you access to the specialized IT skills you require to grow
your business and have it perform at the highest levels. The c Selection outsourcing team
works with you by recommending tailored best-fit solutions as well as continually monitoring
and reporting progress, making your business more agile, flexible, and innovative.


A public cloud is where a third party owns the computing
resources. For instance, Microsoft’s public cloud is called
Azure, which they operate and maintain. It includes services
such as networking, storage, and virtual machines. The ease of
consumption and use make it a popular choice.

The private cloud consists of computing hardware resources
used exclusively by one business or organization. The private
cloud is physically located at a data center owned by a third
party, or in some cases, in an organization’s on site data
center. Government agencies, financial institutions, and other
medium to large organizations use private clouds to control
their data.

We can deliver a tailored environment to meet your needs.
With private cloud hosting, you can build a tailored cloud
infrastructure with your partner to fit your business,
unconstrained by public solutions.

After you approve that the development phase is done,
we perform all the activities needed for a smooth go live
of the system → we migrate your data, train your users
& assist you throughout the go live process

The hybrid cloud combines on
premise infrastructure (or private cloud) with the public
cloud. A hybrid cloud provides greater control over data, allowing information and
applications to move between two environments. Many organizations choose a hybrid
cloud approach if they have regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.