Vulnerability Management Solution

NVA is a Vulnerability Management Suite which assists in implementing a comprehensive GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) strategy for managing an organization's overall governance, risk, and compliance with regulations. NVA integration with the GRC strategy helps in managing security and compliance to reduce the overall business risk. NVA GRC offers various advantages like eliminating redundant cost, performing vulnerability scan in depth, optimizing the investment, securing the business reputation, asset discovery, and more. NVA is used to scan the network vulnerabilities such as open ports, running applications on each system, and active services. NVA generates many types of reports based on NIST, OVA, World bodies, and more. NVA is supported by almost every platform, systems, applications, databases, devices, and browsers.

Web APP-Website Scanning Solution

With NDS scans the websites and web applications outside-in and identifies the vulnerabilities and security issues within them in the running state. It runs on operating code to detect issues with interfaces, requests, responses, scripting, data injections, sessions, authentications, and more. Following are the key benefits of NDS: Scanners are built with a crawl and attack architecture. Scans for hidden and other exploitable vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL injection, and other listed in OWASP Top 10). Comprehensive application coverage and sophisticated attack methodologies. Compatible with web applications built on PHP, ASP, Java, or any other language. Internal and external web applications scanning.